Sep 17, 2009

At least someone missed us!

After calling home every day to see how things were going, we got the same story. T is doing fine and she really hasn't seem to be missing you.

Thanks. I'm not sure how to take that. But good news, someone or should I say two someones have been missing us greatly. The cats.

I can always depend on my trusty furballs not to let Mommy down. Gryffin and Phenix have always made sure to remind me, even at 2am when I am trying to sleep, that I am loved.

They missed us so much they meowed outside my ILs' bedroom downstairs at 5am. Why is this important? Well, they get fed usually around 5:30am by my husband. So yeah, while they missed us, they missed their food more.

That being said, we were no sooner tucked into bed after 24 hours of traveling Monday night and they pounced on the bed and came over to snuggle with us. They haven't left our sides since and at every opportunity are looking for a cuddle and a pet.

I just won't tell them that we stayed at a hotel who had a house cat too. They might get jealous.


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