Sep 18, 2009

I HEART our hotel

May I just say that I loved our hotel. LOVED IT! My husband and I both agree that unless we suddenly become millionaires before we go to Paris again, we will be staying at the Hotel Europe Saint Severin.

You could not ask for a better place in terms of service, location and very pleasant staff. Isis the cat was also a wonderful addition. Our room was big by Paris standards and we were very happy with the option of sitting on the balcony to enjoy our afternoon snacks. We were provided the option of upgrading for 10€ a night to a bigger room than the one we had booked. The staff suggested we do this since we were staying for an extended period of time. It was awesome.

I spent copious amounts of time researching where we wanted to stay in terms of location. Once I got it down to the general area, I went onto Trip Advisor and started at the highest ranked hotel and worked my way thru each one, slowly eliminating choices based on price, location and ranking.

The Europe Saint Severin offered price, location and based on the reviews, great staff. All of what I had read was true. If ever you find yourself headed to France, I would suggest you consider this hotel. It is in the heart of the Latin Quarter, minutes from many sites and about a 2 minute walk to at least 2 if not 3 metro stops.

I made extra effort to keep my eyes peeled for the other hotels we had considered when we got down to the final 6 hotel options. Of the ones I located, all of them were on side streets significantly away from restaurants, tourist spots and metro stations. Actually seeing where these hotels were located in terms of where we had actually booked, it only solidified our choice of hotel. Its hard to visualize hotels on a map but when you see it in person, its quite surprising.

The Trip Advisor reviewers had said that the Saint Severin was at a great location for a great price and a great base from which to explore. All of these things were true. Given that we probably walked well over 30 miles, it was beyond nice to quickly find our hotel at night and then not have to search long for dinner options or hop on the Metro to visit even more of Paris.


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