Sep 17, 2009

The fowl of Paris

No, I'm not talking about the smell from the sewers. I'm talking about the birds. THE BIRDS!

All those postcards you see of pigeons and an older gentlemen feeding them is true. The rats with wings are everywhere.

But they are not alone. They are accompanied by bugs, creepy crawling bugs. I don't know if it was a tick, a spider or a bug of a different colour but as I sat and ate my croissant, this pigeon walked up to me.

With its beady little eyes, it eyed my croissant. About the same time, a little creature scurried out from under its feather and then hurried back in. I watched it do this about three times. I nearly lost my croissant and I'm not talking about the part that was still in my hand.

I can handle many things but a few things freak me out, heights, deep water that I can't touch the bottom, sharks, snakes and bugs. Bugs. I'm getting itchy just thinking about that bird.

Don't even get me started on the ones with mangled legs.

Oh the horror.

On the upside, there are these cute little sparrows. Honestly, they are the most adorable little things and despite the fact, they too probably have creepy crawlies on them, they are much more cute than the pigeons.




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