Sep 17, 2009

It was like watching a train wreck in progress..

Okay, I was raised in a rural community. That being said there are some things in life that you can be raised in a small town but you still know not to do. Such things might include not insulting your boss, going out in public in your underwear and touching a piece of art at the Louvre.

My husband and I were walking through the Grecian marble exhibit at the Louvre when we saw a train wreck about to happen.

Now, I've done some bad stuff. I nearly knocked over a candle stand at a church we visited but I recovered fast enough to overt an international incident. The North American tourist (I know this because we were close enough to hear them speaking North American english) we saw in the Grecian exhibit, errr not so much.

We were strolling along, down the centre of the exhibit. Along each side were various busts and sculptures. Security politely strolled through the exhibit but honestly, you were rarely aware of their presence...until this happened.

Just to the right of where we were, we spotted a couple looking at a torso sculpture. It had no head or arms, just a torso. To our left, we saw a security guard patrolling. The couple decided to take a picture. Totally allowable.

What is not allowable is to touch the artifacts, which is what the man (of the couple admiring the torso) was about to do. He was about to put his arm around the statue. Oh no you didn't! Oh yes, he did.

For whatever reason, he changed his mind and decided to take off his hat and hold it above the torso's non existent head. Oh dear, this is going south really fast.

Barely a second after he took his hat off and placed it over the torso's head, the security guard pounced. Both my husband and I cringed and had to look away. Thankfully, all that was said was something like "Please sir, you are at the Louvre and that is an original."

It was uncomfortable just to watch.


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